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Our Quality Guarantee

Harmony Cedar Furniture

100% Quality Guarantee

Every piece of furniture sold by Harmony Cedar is handcrafted with great care and expertise by one of our master craftsmen. To guarantee this quality, we offer the following quality assurances for our customers.

Four Quality Assurances

Full Money Back Guarantee. You may return a piece that is not high quality and request a full refund. As each piece is created individually to order, we hope that it is clear that we could not offer this guarantee and remain in business if the quality of our pieces was not simply outstanding (see below for details).

Warranty Against Defects. Because our furniture is expertly handcrafted, we stand behind its quality and will repair or replace it for free from one full year after delivery (see below for details).

Proven Customer Satisfaction. Since 2001 we have been shipping our handcrafted furniture to customers all across the USA and Canada. We encourage you to view the comment cards and emails sent in by our customers. There are well over one hundred posted on our website.

Our Reputation for Quality. We have built a strong reputation for ethical and responsive customer service that is the foundation of our business. If we do not consistently meet and exceed our customer's expectations, we will quickly be out of business.

Harmony Cedar is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the Twin Cities Metro Independent Business Alliance.

Details on Our 100% Quality Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% Quality guarantee on all of our furniture. We will refund all of your money, including your original shipping charges, under the following conditions:

1. The piece is not of high Quality or does not match the product description, and we are unable to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.

2. Your order is returned to Harmony Cedar shipped from location in new condition within 30 days of delivery, with no evidence of use or damage.

Please note that we cannot offer this 100% Quality guarantee for the following reasons: natural variations in wood grain or sapwood, the color not matching the photographs on the website (please order a wood sample prior to choosing a wood or stain), the furniture not being the right size for your needs, or minor imperfections in the finished piece. Handcrafted furniture created from natural wood products will display a small degree of variation in the finished product. Custom furniture will be made to your specifications

Implementation of Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Since 2001 we shipped pieces with a similar return policy, we have very seldom had issues that escalated to this point. We do our very best to ensure you get the piece you want in excellent condition, even if this requires the replacement of your piece.

We have had one table returned out of more than hundreds of dining tables shipped throughout the United States, England and Canada. This return was due to a combination of incompletely dried wood and an errant forklift.

We have had a few returns out of thousands handcrafted cedar chests shipped all across the United States and Canada. Most of these returns were due to shipping damage.

Other Returns

We will accept returns for any other reason under the following conditions:

1. Your order is returned to the Harmony Cedar shipping location in new condition within 30 days of delivery, with no evidence of use or damage.

2. Upon receipt in good condition, a 25% restocking fee plus any shipping charges will be assessed. The rest of your money will be refunded promptly. We have had some customers who did not want the furniture or could not pay for the furniture when it was received. This has occurred with highly customized and detailed furniture and is why we have a 25% restocking charge plus shipping.

Inspection of All Returns

Returned items will be inspected. Harmony Cedar reserves the right to reject returns of merchandise that shows signs of use or customer damage.

Order Modifications and Cancellations

If you need to modify or cancel your order for whatever reason, please do so within 3 (three) business days of placing your order. Our craftsmen will begin work on your piece shortly after receiving your order.

Orders cancelled after this 3 business day window are subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Orders modified after this 3 business day window may require additional charges, depending on whether the changes affect the progression of work on your piece. Modifications may affect pricing and shipping. This may also delay the completion of, and delivery of your piece.

Shipping Damage

We package all of our shipments exceptional care to reduce the possibility of damage. With over a dozen years experience in packing and shipping, we have almost eliminated shipping damage. Still, accidents happen -- and even the best packaging cannot prevent all damage from occurring.

When a piece arrives damaged, we may ask for photos or a description of the damage to assist us in resolving the problem. We will make a determination to repair or replace the piece.

Please click here for more details on our shipping policies.

Delivery Dates and Completion Times

The 'time to complete' and 'delivery times' listed on our website are good-faith estimates. 9 times out of 10, our pieces are completed and delivered within this delivery window (or even a bit early). However, hand craftsmanship cannot be rushed -- sometimes a piece just takes a bit longer.

Please let us know if there is an important holiday or event we should be aware of when you place your order, and we will do our best to get it there on time.

Warranty Information

We offer a one year guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship on all of our handcrafted furniture.

Warranty Summary

Our warranty covers all consequential defects in materials and workmanship for one full year.

We will pay for all costs (including all repair costs, and all shipping costs) to repair or replace any piece with a defect within 30 days of delivery.

We will pay for most costs (including all repair costs, and half of the shipping costs) to repair or replace any piece with a defect within 1 year of delivery.

Warranty Details

This warranty applies only to goods purchased directly from Harmony Cedar, and applies only under conditions of normal indoor residential use. This warranty applies only to consumer purchasers purchasing directly from Harmony Cedar. Any resale, rental or lease of warranted goods voids the warranty except as specified separately under a reseller agreement. Modification of the merchandise voids all warranties.

Harmony Cedar warrants to the original purchaser that within 1 year of delivery, it will repair or replace any piece of furniture which is defective in structure or workmanship. The decision to replace or repair the item is at the sole discretion of Harmony Cedar. If Harmony Cedar determines that repair is impractical, it may furnish you with a substitute piece of the same or similar color, design, style, and quality. These are your exclusive remedies under our warranty.

If you notice a manufacturing defect, you must notify Harmony Cedar within 1 year of delivery at:

Harmony Cedar, Inc.
1007 15th Avenue North
South Saint Paul, MN 55075

Voice: 1-888-959-8899
Fax: 1-651-330-2459

[email protected]

After notification, Harmony Cedar will contact you regarding your concern and arrange for any photographs or inspection needed to determine whether a manufacturing defect exists.

Not Covered Under Warranty:

Please note that handcrafted wood furniture will have natural variations in grain, color, and material characteristics such as knots, insect markings, pitch pockets, and mineral streaks. These are not considered defects, and are therefore not covered by the warranty.

Because of the use of natural materials and the handcrafted nature of our products, this warranty does not cover minor differences or variations between illustrations or floor samples and your furniture.

Your product is also not warranted against:

Normal wear and tear.
Damage or appearance changes from improper care or storage after delivery.
Slight variations in appearance (normal shrinkage, swelling, hairline cracks, minor warping, etc.) which result from normal expansion and contraction of wood as it responds to climate changes within the home.
Slight variations in appearance and craftsmanship which result from the pieces being individually handcrafted.
Damage from exposure to extremely high or low humidity, or rapid temperature changes, after delivery.
Damage resulting from accidents, abuse, improper use, or negligence after delivery, including but not limited to burns, scuffs, watermarks, scratches, pet damage, or damage from cleaning products.
Damage resulting from commercial or outdoor use.
Repairs not performed or authorized by Harmony Cedar.

Implied Warranties, and Consequential and Incidental Damages:


HARMONY CEDAR WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR INDIRECT DAMAGES, EVEN IF IT HAS REASON TO KNOW IN ADVANCE THAT THEY ARE POSSIBLE. "Consequential or incidental damages" mean any loss, expense, or damage other than to the furniture itself that may result from a defect in the furniture.

Harmony Cedar does not authorize anyone, including any authorized resellers, to create for it any other warranty, obligations, or liability in connection with any of its products.

Terms of Use

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