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Naomi's Hope for a Cure

Naomi's Hope for a Cure

Naomi's Hope for a Cure celebrates the lives of all children and adolescents who fight cancer. In November 2007, they celebrated this through a dinner, silent auction and a live auction of 15 hope chests created all designed and hand painted by renowned artists.

Here are several of the hope chests created by our craftsmen, which were featured at this event. You may find additional photos of our chests on the Hope for a Cure website.

Denise Duong

Lyrical mixed media paintings on canvas artist Denise Duong with her chest "A Piece of History".

Trevor Romain

Child author and artist Trevor Romain with his chest "sea of smiles".

Jean Francois

Extreme artist and entertainer Jean Francois with his "Lance Armstrong" hope chest. According to Naomi, "This hope chest has been shipped off to Lance and he should be signing it any day now!".

Nancy Hoke

Artist Nancy Hoke with her hope chest.