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About Our Wood Finishes

Note: Due to natural wood variations, we cannot guarantee that the finished products will look exactly as they do in the photos on our site. We recommend ordering wood samples of the desired finishes in order to have a more accurate understanding on how the finished product may look.

Characteristics of our Oil and Wax Finish

We use a special oil and wax finish that is:

  • almost like varnish in appearance
  • an organic plant-based premium hardener and sealer
  • longer lasting than other Oil and Wax finishes
  • easier to repair than varnish if scratches or dents appear in the woodwork

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For cleaning, we recommend using orange oil with a dry cloth.

Contact us for repairs. We have had great success removing pet scratches and provide this service at cost.

Characteristics of our Varnish

We also offer water-based wood finishes, which provides a strong protective layer for the hardwood. It has a slight odor right after it is applied, as it is a manufactured (and not a natural) product. It provides superior protection for furniture pieces, and is available in a number of wood stain colors.

When you place your order, simply specify the wood finish color of your choice in the comments field when you check out. If you don't specify a wood finish color, we will contact you to discuss this choice in more detail.

Additional Information:

Remove Dust Dust buildup is made of small airborne particles and may scratch or dull the surface if not removed correctly. Simply wipe the surface with a cloth dampened with a cleaning polish or mild detergent.

Clean Fingerprints, cooking fumes, smoking residue, etc., accumulates on any finished surface. None of these contaminants will harm the finish, but they should be periodically removed to restore the finish to its original luster. Just wipe the surface with a cloth dampened with a non-wax containing polish or mild detergent solution. Avoid the use of ammonia-based products or silicone oils as they may cause damage if used over a long period of time.

The finish is durable and resistant to most household spills. However, spills should be wiped up promptly to avoid potential problems.

Excessive prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity can cause damage to both the finish and the wood itself. These should be avoided.

Precatalyzed Varnish Performance Specifications

Application Procedures for Test:

  • Surface Applied to new samples of clear, dry oak and cherry.
  • Coating Weight Two coat system, sprayed at 4-5 mils per wet coat and finished to a dry coat weight of 3.5-4.0 mils.
  • Aging Coated samples were aged at room temperature for 21 days prior to testing.

Test Methods:

  • Cold check resistance (each cycle)
    • 1 hour @-4F / 1 hour @ Room Temp
    • 1 hour @ 140F / 1 hour @ Room Temp
  • Print Test
    • Film exposed to duck cloth with a weight transferring 2psi to the surface
    • Tests were done for 24 hours at 77F and 104F
  • Heat Resistance
    • Film exposed to 1000gm weight for 15min with and without moisture
  • Cold Check resistance
    • Passes 10 cycles with no film failure
Chemical Resistance (hours)
Vinegar (24)No Effect
Oil Based Paint (24)No Effect
Mustard (24)No Effect
Turpentine (24)No Effect
Lemon Juice (24)No Effect
VM&P Naptha (24)No Effect
Mayonnaise (24)No Effect
Milk / Cream (24)No Effect
Margarine (24)No Effect
Ketchup (24)No Effect
Orange Juice (24)No Effect
Red Ink (24)No Effect
Coffee (24)No Effect
Tea (24)No Effect
Olive Oil (24)No Effect
Cooking Fat (24)No Effect
Grape Juice (24)No Effect
Alcohol/Water (24)No Effect
Alcohol 100 Proof (1)Slight Effect
Alcohol 100 Proof (24)Gloss Change
Water (24)No Effect
Acetone (2 min)Gloss Change
MEK (200 rubs)Slight Effect

Print Test77 Fahrenheit No Printing104F No Printing
Heat Resistance 185 Fahrenheit Dry No Effect185F Wet No Effect