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Memory Cedar lined Chest - Amish Built 100% Solid Wood

Memory Chest Style - Choose Wood Type and Finish/Stain

No Assembly Required.

Create a custom memory chest to hold your keepsakes.
Cherish a rite of passage or commemorate your loved one.

Our Memory Chest:
  • Comes in smaller sizes than our other chests.
  • Has the option of a cedar or poplar floor.

See our Memory Chest photo collection on Flickr .

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Personalized Engraved Plaque Oak Memory Chest Custom Handmade Solid Hickory Memory Chest
Oak Memory Chest
Price: $318.00
Over 9 styles shown and many more available. 6 finished Available
in 4 colors
Cherry Memory Chest Quarter Sawn Oak Memory Chest Maple Memory Chest
Cherry Memory Chest
Price: $402.00
Maple Memory Chest
Price: $446.00
in 7 colors in 5 colors in 5 colors
Walnut Memory Chest
Walnut Memory Chest
Price: $479.00
in 4 colors

Quality Construction

We specialize in handcrafted, made-to-order Amish made chests. Our quality and craftsmanship is unmatched.

100% Made in the USA. Locally grown wood and American-made hardware.

All of our chests are created by hand to your specifications. Our guide to cedar chests answers many of the common questions about our chests.

Hardwood Chest Size Chart